Virtual Hosting Company is offering our OpenVZ VPS Solutions on sale for the next seven days.  You can get your OpenVZ VPS Solution for 25{c1865eb9692bca813fa1a7d96cc006c1cc8fd3e9aae4f34fc000a4eefabf6133} OFF by using promo code TYXRD1LEU7.  This promotion is valid for the life of your OpenVZ VPS Solution, it works on all three of the OpenVZ VPS packages, and it can be used more than once per customer.  Stock up now and save!

For more information on our OpenVZ Packages, visit our OpenVZ VPS Page.

Note: Our OpenVZ VPS Solutions include 1 IPv4 address and 1 IPv6 address (on OpenVZ II and OpenVZ III Solutions).  Additional IPs are available.  The base install of OpenVZ includes the Core OS only.  Access to control panels, such as Plesk, cPanel, CentOS Web Panel, and others, available upon request.  Licensing for control panels is not included in the base price, but may be available as an upgrade.

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