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Billing Forms, Credit Authorization Forms, etc.
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Software Solutions designed to operate with the WHMCS Client Management System

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Credit Authorization Form
The Credit Authorization Form used for any Offline Credit Card Processing documents.
Filesize: 50.8 kB
IRC Provisioning System v2.0.1
The IRC Provisioning System operates through three systems. The WHMCS Module, WHMCS Addon, and Server Client. Each of the three are required for the system to fully operate. The files attached contain all three portions of the system, as well as a README to outline to guide you through the initial setup, activation, server grouping, and product creation. Alternatively, Clients may select, during account activation, to have our staff perform the setup for you.
Filesize: 171 kB
Newsletter 1.3
The Newsletter Addon for WHMCS is designed to automate the monthly e-mail notification users receive regarding recent news, upcoming scheduled outages, and promotions that are active. The system has a Text Input block to allow content specifically generated by the Admin as well as a checkbox configuration for additional inclusions (such as the last 3 announcements, outages that are coming up, promotions, and more.
Filesize: 36.8 kB
WHMCS Shortcodes v1.5
WordPress Plugin designed to connect to a remote WHMCS Database get current Promotions, Domain Promotions (from ResellerClub Resellers), Products, and more.
Filesize: 79.2 kB