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We’ve established our Frequently Asked Questions page to allow our customers to see Questions that may have already been asked, and the answers that go with them.  This may make tasks easier for our Clients.

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Where is the FAQ?

We're working on adding more Questions and Answers... Unfortunately, we don't have everything listed yet.

What IRC Bouncer Software do you use?

Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to provide our IRC Bouncer Solutions over the ZNC Bouncer application (  ZNC supports multiple clients, multiple networks, and is actively developed and supported.

Do I have to know Linux or Unix to use an IRC Bouncer?

The IRC Bouncer Solutions offered by Virtual Hosting Company are designed to allow anyone to access the IRC Bouncer interfaces without any knowledge of Linux or Unix.  The interfaces include both IRC Message and Web-Based setup options.  This design makes it easy for you, our client, to get things going.

What is an IRC Bouncer?

An IRC Bouncer is a piece of software that is used to relay traffic and connections on an IRC network.  Using an IRC Bouncer allows a user to hide the original source of their connection. Additionally, an IRC Bouncer may be used to allow a client to remain in a channel while disconnected (i.e. their computer is rebooting, internet connectivity is down, etc).  The IRC Bouncer software used by Virtual Hosting Company allows for multiple clients to connect to one session, thereby allowing users to access the same network connection across multiple computers.