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Virtual Hosting Company is a Solution Provider, featuring Internet-based Hosting and Website Design for Clients throughout the world, Residential and Commercial IT Solutions for Clients in the Atlanta Georgia area. Our Services include Website Hosting and Design, IRC Bouncers, IRC Shells, IRC Server (IRCd) Shells, Streaming Radio, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), Virtual Private Server, and Dedicated Server hosting.

Residential IT Solutions include Computer Repair (including Hardware and Software diagnostics, Virus removal, Operating System Reinstallation’s), Computer Training (Entry level training for computer basics), Technical Support, and Network Installation and Security.

Commercial IT Solutions includes the Design, Implement, and Management of Servers and Networks, as well as ongoing Technical Support. Additionally, Custom-Built Servers and Personal Computers are available for both Residential and Commercial Clients in the Metro Atlanta area.

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IRC Networks 3
Connection Type IPv4/IPv6
Public Vhosts Yes
Private Vhost Optional
Term Fees
Monthly: $ 4.00
Quarterly: $ 11.00
Semi-Annually: $ 20.00

Titanium IRCd Shell
Users/Connections 4096
Storage 500 mb
Processes 4
Term Fees
Monthly: $ 23.95
Quarterly: $ 68.26
Semi-Annually: $ 129.33

Platinum Server II
(Currently Unavailable)
Processor Intel Xeon E1240v3 3.4 Ghz
Cores (Threads) 4 (8)
RAM 32 gb
Hard Drive 1 TB Sata or 120 GB SSD
Connectivity 1 Gbps
Bandwidth 10 TB
IPv4 Addresses 5
Additional IPv4 Addresses Contact Sales for Pricing
IRC Permitted Yes
Operating Systems CentOS 6, Ubuntu Server, openSUSE
Term Fees Setup
Monthly: $ 169.00 $ 49.00
Quarterly: $ 481.65 $ 49.00
Semi-Annually: $ 912.60 $ 24.50
Anually: $ 1774.50 $ 0.00