Thank you for your interest in the Virtual Hosting Company.  Below you’ll find a variety of information about the company, including our history and mission.

Company History

Founded in 2000, Virtual Hosting Company started out as a small business project hosting Websites.  Our original Server consisted of a Pentium 1 75 MHz Processor, 40 MB of 72-pin SIMM RAM, and 3 Hard Disk Drives (814 MB, 1 GB, and 514 MB) operating on Slackware and running Kernel 2.2.16.

After quickly finding out that more resources would be needed, the company expanded to include a total of four servers that were used over the course of the next three years.

Over time, the company transitioned from Slackware to RedHat Linux, a move which improved overall business continuity and functionality.  It was this transition that greatly improved the Customer Experience by allowing Virtual Hosting Company to implement new Web-based Control Panels.  In addition to changing the Operating System we were using, we expanded our offerings from just Website Hosting to include IRC-related hosting and Shoutcast Streaming Radio hosting.

We continued to grow, adapt to changes in the Hosting world, and adapt to changes to Operating Systems.  We transitioned from RedHat Linux to CentOS Linux, a Community-driven version of the RedHat Enterprise Linux core.  This, again, allowed Virtual Hosting Company to improve our Customer Experience and grow into new and exciting worlds.

We began offering Virtual Private Servers and Unmanaged Dedicated Servers, as well as expanding into local IT Solutions for the Atlanta area.  We added Website Design, Remote IT Support Services, and continued to expand on our network.  We continued to grow by adding VPN Solutions, Remote Desktop Solutions, and Exchange E-mail Accounts.

Today, Virtual Hosting Company has expanded to multiple servers in various data centers throughout the world.  We operate on both Linux and Windows systems, including CentOS 7, Debian 10, and Windows Server 2016.  And we’re always looking at ways to expand and continue to grow.


Virtual Hosting Company was founded with a core mission of providing a reliable, secure, dedicated home to our Clients; providing the Customer Service that keeps our Clients happy, and continuing to grow and adapt to the ever-changing market.