Coming Soon -> VPN Solutions

Virtual Hosting Company is in the process of finalizing pricing and plans to offer both Private and Shared VPN Solutions.  These solutions are designed to provide anonymous and secure browsing of the internet.  It does so by establishing a secure connection between your device (phone, tablet, computer, or router) and the VPN Server.  All web browsing, or outside connections, are then routed through the VPN Server.  This allows you to mask your location, identity, and browse anonymously on the web.

Stay tuned for more information!

The Virtual Hosting Company Hardware Store

Virtual Hosting Company has launched a new initiative on our site. Over the past few months, we’ve acquired a wide variety of hardware items, ranging from cell phones to hotspots to laptops to miscellaneous small-electronics.  Over the past week, we’ve been organizing the hardware, taking photos, and putting together information for the equipment so that we can list it on our Hardware Store.  Those of you watching our Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus pages would have noticed our first product go live a few days ago.  Today, we’ve launched a few more.  Over the course of the next few weeks, we’ll continue adding equipment until we have our inventory online.

Don’t wait for everything to be posted.  If you’ve got something specific that you’re looking for, let us know what you need.  If we’ve got it available, we’ll be happy to get it to you.

Please note: At the present time, all Hardware Store purchases are available only to US buyers.

PayPal Billing Agreements

Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce the addition of PayPal Billing Agreements to our Payment Gateways.  PayPal Billing Agreements allow our Clients to pre-authorize the processing of payments for their invoices on their due date.  By signing up for a PayPal Billing Agreement, customers are no longer required to worry about making a monthly, quarterly, or semi-annual payment through PayPal.  Once authorized, the Billing Agreement will automatically process their payment on the due date, thereby avoiding late fees or disruptions of service.

This change was introduced to make the entire process for our customers easier, to avoid having to charge late fees, suspending services, or terminating services, for clients that merely miss an e-mail.  We believe the improved functionality will make our customers happier than ever, and we look forward to serving you.

System Migration/Update – Yankee -> Steady

Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce a completed migration/update from our Yankee server to our Steady server.  The transition includes an update from CentOS 6.8 to CentOS 7.3, increased RAM, and increase Storage.  This upgrade was performed to increase the resources available to our customers, reduce load times on websites, and improve overall performance.

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January Domain Registration Promotions

Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce our January Domain Promotions!  These domain TLDs allow discounted rates for registration through the morning of January 31st.  Promotional rates do not include ICANN fees of up to $.18 per domain.

Hurry, these prices are only valid through the morning of January 31st!  No special codes required!

New Year Promotion – FXZC1FZ06L

Virtual Hosting Company is ready to bring in the new year!  And, to start 2017 off right, we’re offering 17% Off of your Hosting or Server Solutions for life! That means your BNC Solutions that start at $2/month are as low as $1.66/month, OpenVZ VPS Solutions start at $6.64/quarter, and more!  Make sure to use the promo code FXZC1FZ06L during checkout!

Billing System Issues

Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce that we’ve identified and corrected the issues we were experiencing with our Client Billing system.  The changes we’ve made have involved updates across the entire Virtual Hosting Company website, You may notice some new links, using a different URL to access the billing system.  This was required to get the system to work properly.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Virtual Hosting Company wants to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving. It is our belief that Thanksgiving is a day of Thanks, not a day of Shopping.  For that reason, now and in the future, we specifically avoid posting deals or promotions on Thanksgiving Day. We would rather our Clients, or potential Clients, spend time with Family or Friends than be shopping for Solutions on our website.

As is customary, for most online businesses, we will have our Cyber Monday deals posting this coming Monday.  We encourage our Clients, and our Potential Clients, to evaluate our deals on Monday instead of shopping today.  However, we do know that Thanksgiving is only recognized in the United States of America, so we will continue to accept and process orders from throughout the world today.