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Our Software Addons for WHMCS

IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS

The IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS has been designed to allow the complete automated provisioning of accounts on a Dedicated Server.  It supports the automated provisioning of accounts to a centralized ZNC Bouncer, as well as IRC and IRCd (IRC Server) accounts to a Dedicated Server. The system includes the ability to create and monitor process and storage limits, total connections permitted, and more.


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Newsletter Addon for WHMCS

The Newsletter Addon for WHMCS has been designed to automate sending a monthly notification to registered users regarding recent news, upcoming scheduled outages, and promotions that are active in the upcoming month.  The system uses a Text Input block for the Administrator to include specific content, as well as checkbox configuration on what details to include in the Newsletter.


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WHMCS Shortcodes for WordPress

Are you looking for an easy way to integrate your WHMCS packages into your WordPress site?  How about having the WordPress system automatically put the pricing and information from your WHMCS Database directly on the site with just one small line?  WHMCS Shortcodes for WordPress could be exactly what you’re looking for!


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Secure Shell for WHMCS

Are you wanting to ensure that only IP Addresses you specify can access your Shell Account?  What about whitelisting specific block(s) of addresses?  Or how about adding (or removing) your SSH Keys?  Secure Shell for WHMCS will do just that!  Additionally, Secure Shell can incorporate login and history notifications and archiving so that any activity made can be e-mailed to the Server Administrator or the Client.


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Other WordPress Plugins

WP Anope

Integrate Anope IRC Services’ ChanStats / IRC2SQL Module into your WordPress Website.  Shortcodes will allow you to quickly incorporate real-time statistics and information about the network, channels, users, and staff, directly into your website.  This module requires SQL integration (a SQL Database), as well as configuration, of the Anope IRC Services Package version 2.0 or newer.  Statistical information including connected users, connected servers, and connected IRC Operators, as well as Channel Statistics, can all be integrated directly with ease!


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