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Residential IT Solutions Computer Diagnostics, Virus Removal, Hardware Installation, Networking, and more.

Computer Diagnostics

Our trained technician will diagnose your computer problems and provide a recommendation for repairs, replacements, or upgrades.

  • – Hardware Diagnostics
  • – Software Diagnostics
  • – System Report
  • – Recommendations for Repair

Note: If you decide to go with our recommendations, this fee will be reduced and merged with the invoice for the overall repair fees.

Only $50.00

Virus Removal

Let us provide your antidote! Our technician work for up to three hours to remove your virus and restore your system to its' previous state.

  • – Virus Scan and Removal
  • – Rootkit Scan and Removal
  • – Malware Scan and Removal
  • – AntiVirus Software Installation

Includes up to three hours of repair services.  Additional time billed at $25.00/hour. Special note: Non-virus related services will be charged as a separate service.

Starting at just $75.00

Network Setup and Security

Wireless or Wired; existing hardware or new; let us determine your needs and make suggestions to get you going.

  • – Diagnostics of existing Network
  • – Modifications of existing Network
  • – Creation of Network from Ground Up
  • – Securing of Wireless Network
  • – Network Diagram of Completed Network
  • – Additional Hardware  & Cabling

Starting at just $75

Hardware Installation

We can update or replace your Motherboard, Power Supply, Hard Disk Drive, RAM, and Expansion Cards. We handle hardware and upgrades on both Personal Computers and Mac Systems.

  • – Motherboard
  • – Power Supply
  • – Hard Disk Drive
  • – Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • – Expansion Cards (Video Card, Network Adapters, etc.)

Starting at just $25.00/hour

Operating System Reinstallation

A fresh reload of your systems' Operating System, restoring your system to factory defaults or better.

  • – Wiping of Hard Drive
  • – Installation of Operating System*
  • – Processing of all current updates
  • – Installation of basic AntiVirus Software
  • – Installation of basic AntiMalware Software

* = License / Certificate of Authenticity not included. A valid COA or CD Key is required for licensed software.

Just $150