IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS

The IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS is designed to automate the process of provisioning IRC-related accounts on a Server. Support currently exists for a fully automated provision of ZNC, IRC, and IRCd Accounts (as configured in the Product Configuration).  It has the ability to create accounts/shells with variables including the total number of shell processes to permit, the storage limits to impose, the connections allotted for an IRCd Account, and more!

Below, you’ll find a few Screenshots of the software in design.  Each image represents the appearance as seen by the user represented (both in the Client and in the Admin view).

This System runs in three parts:

  1. The WHMCS Module – This portion of the system utilizes a ‘Server’ module configuration to allow the easy configuration of products for specific limitations.  It can then feed that information from those settings to the admin, including current usage statistics as updated by the Server Client.  The Usage Updates are designed to run hourly but can be run at any interval the Admin wants, depending on their Server Client configuration.  The screenshots below show the configuration of the products.
  2. The WHMCS Addon – This portion of the system is designed to manage the Licensing and Reporting functions of the IRC Provisioning System.  It includes basic logs on a Per-Client, Per-Server, or Per-Service basis.  It also feeds in information on the current usage so that an Administrator can view the values as updated through the Server Client portion of the system.
  3. The Server Client System – This portion of the system is designed to connect remotely to the Billing System Database to obtain Provisioning Commands and update Current Usage records.  Configuration of the Server Client allows the Administrator to use secondary logins, or any login created by the Administrator, to access the Provisioning Commands. This system also performs the Usage Update processing and does the Server-Side provisioning. The Server Client system requires bash and PHP with ionCube installed and the ncat package.

System Requirements

The WHMCS Module and Addon

  • PHP 7.x (untested on PHP 8.1 as of yet) WHMCS 8.0+
  • A valid IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS License

For the Server-Side Client

  • php-cli (5.4+)
  • php-mysql
  • php-ioncube-loader
  • nmap-ncat
  • cronie (for Cronjobs)

This software has been designed and tested on:

  • CentOS 7, Debian 11, Debian 12
  • znc 1.7.4 – 1.8.2
    • Module ‘blockuser’ must be loaded for Suspend / Unsuspend to function on the ZNC system.

Release Information

Current Release: 4.0
Released: 2022-10-31

Upcoming Release: 4.5
Expected: 2024-04
Status: Final Packaging

ServerClient 100%
Provisioning Module 100%
Addon 100%


Product Configuration

Client View of Service

Admin View of Service

Daily Report E-mail

Finally, we have the Daily Report sent from the server. Note: This report generates each day and includes specific information about the server, including software versions in a Summary section, as well as per-user details for their service. Each Service ID can link directly back to the WHMCS Billing System, if configured properly, to allow direct access to the Service account. Additionally, any overages will generate a Support Desk Ticket notifying the Userof an issue. Overages are highlighted in red with being close to the limit, or on the limit, highlighted in orange.