VPN solutions are designed to provide anonymous and secure browsing of the internet. It does so by establishing a secure connection between your device (phone, tablet, computer, or router) and the VPN Server. All web browsing, or outside connections, are then routed through the VPN Server. This allows you to mask your location, identity, and browse anonymously on the web.


Shared VPN Connection
$5.99 / month

The shared VPN Solution has multiple users connect out to the real world with a single shared IP Address. Shared VPN Solutions are still secure; however, have reduced costs by sharing resources such as the public IP address. A shared VPN Solution is good for users wanting to browse anonymously, but are not looking for IP-restricted security system (i.e. those that ONLY allow a certain IP Address for access) as those resources are shared amongst users.


Private VPN Connection
$9.99 / month

The private VPN Solution is a completely dedicated resource VPN connection, allowing connections from your user to come from single dedicated IP Address. Private VPN Solutions are ideal for situations where you want to browse anonymously, establish secure IP-restricted connections, and have fully dedicated resources for you.