Virtual Hosting Company has released the IRC Provisioning System 4.0 for WHMCS.  This software has been made available to the general public.

You can check out the Change Log for this release below:

IRC Provisioning Addon 4.0

  • Updated Design/Structure for Future Upgrades
  • Added Breadcrumbs to Navigation.
  • Updated Server Details page – Added Last Connection time and ServerClient Version.
  • User Summary updated to include more details.
  • Package Summary updated to include more details.
  • Usage Details updated to include more details.
  • Account Summary updated to include more details.
  • Changelog Layout.
  • Fixed issue with Package Details listing
  • Updated Package Details to reflect the core Package capacity as well as the per-user usage.
  • Updated Queue to reflect User and Server information vs raw data.

IRC Provisioning Module 4.0

  • Updated licensing system to align with new layout/configuration
  • Updated Hooks to use a standard include folder from the Addons structure.

IRC Provisioning ServerClient 4.0

  • Changed method for Suspend/Unsuspend to utilize an updated lockout method.
  • Updated SuspendUser to remove CRONTAB entries.
  • Redesigned the methodology used for ZNC Provisioning.

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