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Commissioning ‘Adventure’, Retiring ‘Journey’

Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce our next ‘Adventure’… Over the past week, we’ve been hard at work preparing for some changes.  That hard work has paid off.  We’ve taken steps to commission a new server, dubbed ‘Adventure’.  In doing so, we’ve migrated all customer data from a retiring ‘Journey’ server.

Specs and Details

Dual Intel Xeon X5650 (6 Core, 12 Threads) @ 2.67 Ghz
500 GB SSD SATA III / 6 Gbps MLC Storage
2 TB SATA III / 3 Gpbs ATA Storage
Intel Gigabit Network Interface

The ‘Adventure’ server is running CentOS 7 (7.5.1804) with Plesk Onyx (17.8.11 Update 31), MySQL Server 5.7.24, and PHP (versions 7.2.12, 7.1.24, 7.0.32, 5.6.38).  Additionally, the system has various protection systems in place, including brute force protection, antivirus scanning, web application firewalls, and more.

Overall, we’re pleased with the performance of our new ‘Adventure’.

However, with the migration of the data from ‘Journey’, the time has come to prepare it for retirement.  We’re sad to see our ‘Journey’ end, but we’re excited about the ‘Adventure’ we’re on now.  And, as a way to show our appreciation, we’re offering 35% Off of all new Website Hosting Solutions through the end of November.  Use promotion code JourneysEnd to take advantage of the promotion!

Black Friday OpenVZ Special

Take advantage of the 2018 Black Friday OpenVZ Specials, valid through Black Friday (November 23rd).  No special promotion codes, no special steps.  Just pick the package you want from the options below, then click the Price/Term below.

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IRC Provisioning System 4.0 – Project Announcement

Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce that the IRC Provisioning System v4.0 project development has begun.  The IRC Provisioning System, version 4.0, is a full rewrite of the IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS that we currently have available on our site.  We’ve established a core roadmap, which we’re updating daily as the project progresses, to outline the features planned for implementation.  Some of the key features that are being incorporated into the rewrite include: API Key encryption, improved license management, enhanced reporting, and improve account review.

Version 4.0 Roadmap

Server-Side Client Changes

  • Rewrite completely to improve performance, clean out old code, and update naming conventions.
  • Name changes on files used for the system.
    • Both the core PHP file being called and the configuration file.
  • Relocate primary configuration settings from the config file to the WHMCS Database.
  • Incorporate API KEY based encryption for communication between the Server and the WHMCS Database
  • Improved Notifications
    • Notifications now go to all admins with the CRON EMAIL status flag on their account
  • Improved security for commands being issued


  • Enhanced Reporting
    • Breakdown of reporting in WHMCS to include:
      • By client
      • By server
      • By package
      • By term
    • System reports
      • Daily
      • Weekly
      • Monthly
      • Annually
  • Improved Functionality
    • Addon page will provide updated information on every account on the system, with the latest update time, with different sort options.
      • Default to by Package Type
      • Optional by Client
      • Optional by Package Name
      • Optional by Server
    • Server Information page
      • A breakdown of the number of clients on each server, the types of packages, etc.
      • Optional estimated income by the server
      • Server information (OS, Kernel, RAM, etc.

And much more…  We’re extremely excited for the project, and we’re looking forward to sharing it with the world.  Currently, we’re projecting a tentative release date for IRC Provisioning System 4.0 of October 1st, 2018.

We welcome your feedback and suggestions.  To ensure that we see everything, we’re asking that all feedback, suggestions, comments, etc., be provided via our Facebook page.  This will ensure that everyone sees suggestions that have been made, as well as responses that we’ve given to them, and we can continue to provide updates on progress.

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Note: Our OpenVZ VPS Solutions include 1 IPv4 address and 1 IPv6 address (on OpenVZ II and OpenVZ III Solutions).  Additional IPs are available.  The base install of OpenVZ includes the Core OS only.  Access to control panels, such as Plesk, cPanel, CentOS Web Panel, and others, available upon request.  Licensing for control panels is not included in the base price, but may be available as an upgrade.

Fourth of July Special

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