Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to provide an update on the IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS, Version 4.1. Our team has been working hard to debug and troubleshoot the major updates that have been completed for the upcoming release.  With changes ranging from completely re-structuring our back-end (Server) module, to improving and realigning our WHMCS Widget, to adding the new Login Notification Configurable Addon support, the changes are vast.  However, our biggest improvement is the added support for Debian, where we were only supporting CentOS before.

Here’s the full Change Log for the upcoming release, which is now in the final packaging stages and is expected to release next month:

IRC Provisioning System – ServerClient 4.1

[+]  Debian 11 / Bullseye Support.
[+]  PHP 7.x Support.
[+]  PHP 8.1 Support.
[+]  PHP MySQLi Support, Keeping legacy PHP MySQL Support.
[+]  Added Signature from WHMCS to Notification E-mails.
[+]  Added function comments to the back end for easier review and updates by the Virtual Hosting Company Development Team.
[+]  Added function to properly mark the Distribution / OS in the WHMCS Addon and Server Reports.
[+]  Updated command functions to allow a single system call for multiple commands. I.e. php serverclient.php Provision Usage to run both the Provision and Usage commands.
[-]  Corrected error handling when missing the PHP file.
[-]  Corrected CSS issue for Notifying Users of overages.
[-]  Corrected issue with Update Usage that was incorrectly referencing a SQL Query.
[-]  Corrected issue with the Single System Call with Debugging requests.
[-]  Corrected issue with the ZNC Config File Check.
[*]  Improved internal security / variable handling.
[*]  Updated internal structure and operation.
[*]  Updated internal block users list.
[*]  Updated methodology used for ZNC Provisioning calls.

IRC Provisioning System – Provisioning Module 4.1

[+]  Debian 11 / Bullseye Support.
[+]  PHP 8.1 Support.
[+]  Added support for safety blocking on the Creation of a new Account (checking to see if it already exists in the database before attempting to provision).
[-]  Corrected issue with PHP 8.1 in ChangePackage processing.
[-]  Corrected issue with PHP 8.1 handling of the table name.
[-]  Updated auto-provisioning option to automatically fill the Username in the Domain field when activated.
[*]  Updated internal structure and operation.
[*]  Updated internal block users list.
[*]  Improved internal security / variable handling.

IRC Provisioning System – Addon 4.1

[+]  Added Alertbox for Widget / Server Report if time lapsed since the last update is greater than 24 hours.
[+]  Added additional information to the Navigation-related to Licensing and Plugins.
[+]  Added support for the new Login Notification System Plugin.
[-]  Fixed bug in the System Queue output information.
[-]  Updated Admin Widget to run from the correct location.
[*]  Improved internal security / variable handling.
[*]  Re-structured visuals for Client interface details.

The IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS is used by Virtual Hosting Company to handle the provisioning of our IRC Bouncer Hosting SolutionsIRC Shell Hosting Solutions, and IRC Server Hosting Solutions products.  We’ve prepared, packaged, and released previous versions to allow other Hosting Providers to do the same.  Hosting Providers can use the system to handle provisioning (Creation, Deletion, Suspension, Unsuspension, Updating, and Changing Passwords) of IRC-related accounts.  Additionally, Clients can utilize their interface to view details on their account, including limits that are set up, IP addresses (for IRC Server based solutions), information about the latest updates, and last login information (with our upcoming Login Notification System Addon).

Updated screenshots and additional information will be added soon to the IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS page, as well as more information about the Login Notification System that’ll be released later next month.

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