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OpenVZ VPS Solution A Virtual Private Server (VPS for short), is a completely functional virtualized system. Although it runs as a Virtual System on the same physical hardware as other VPS’s, it is functionally equivalent to a separate computer. It is dedicated to an individual customer, providing full administrative access, and the complete privacy of a Dedicated Server.
Virtual Hosting Company has the following VPS Solutions available to our customers. All of our VPS Solutions come with access to a user control panel to manage Reverse-DNS, Server Re-images, and VNC Access for direct system login. Some of the optional Operating Systems include CentOS, Ubuntu, and Debian. In addition to the base packages below, you can select some of the configurable add-ons below.


$ 8 /quarter Order Now
  • CPU Cores: 1
  • Disk Space: 5gb
  • Memory: 512mb
  • Connectivity: 500kbit
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 5gb
  • Architecture: i386 (32-bit)
  • IP Addresses: 1 IPv4


$ 15 /quarter Order Now
  • CPU Cores: 2
  • Disk Space: 10gb
  • Memory: 1gb
  • Connectivity: 1mbit
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 10gb
  • Architecture: i386 (32-bit) / x86-64 (64-bit)
  • IP Addresses: 1 IPv4, 1 IPv6


$ 25 /quarter Order Now
  • CPU Cores: 4
  • Disk Space: 25gb
  • Memory: 2gb
  • Connectivity: 5mbit
  • Monthly Bandwidth: 50gb
  • Architecture: i386 (32-bit) / x86-64 (64-bit)
  • IP Addresses: 1 IPv4, 1 IPv6