The First Day of Christmas

On the First Day of Christmas, Virtual Hosting Company has for you…

An OpenVZ Special meant priced at 1 then 2… Use Promo Code 20171213 for an Annual Rate of $12.

Take advantage of the December 2017 OpenVZ Special, featuring 10 GB of Storage, 128 MB of guaranteed RAM, 512 MB of burstable RAM, 5 Mbps connectivity and 5 TB of transfer.  Includes 1 IPv4 Address and a /112 of IPv6 Addresses

(Limit 50 Uses)

The 2017 Twelve Days of Christmas

Virtual Hosting Company is excited to announce our upcoming Twelve Days of Christmas Specials.  Over the course of the next few days, we’re going to have one new special go live each day, culminating in the December 24th ’12th day of Christmas’ special.  Each day, at about 6:00, we’ll announce via our Website, our Facebook Page, and our Twitter Account, the special that starts that day.

To make the 2017 Twelve Days of Christmas special even more interesting, each deal will remain active (a la the 12 Days of Christmas song) through the last day of Christmas.  So, our deal on the First Day of Christmas will be live until the Twelfth Day of Christmas (provided, of course, the limit has not been reached).

So, get ready to take advantage of our 2017 Twelve Days of Christmas specials.  The First Day of Christmas will go live on December 13th.

Make sure to like our Facebook Page, our Twitter, and our Google Plus Page.  You never know when we’ll post a secret special!

Christmas in July

Virtual Hosting Company thanks everyone for joining us for our Christmas in July promotions over the last eleven days.  We’re excited to top it all off with our Twelfth day of Christmas in July Promotion. In an effort to leave a lasting impression, we’re expanding on the total offerings.  This time, we bring you multiple specials on a variety of our products.  Check out the full list below:

  • IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS – 25% OFF for LIFE! – Promo code UDM72O4VVW No Limits
  • IRC ZNC Solutions – 25% OFF for LIFE! – Promo code V78X8THT7W Limit 1 per Customer, 50 Overall
  • .COM Registration – $10 for the first year – Promo code 3ADZ4D8HGQ Limit 1 per Customer, 10 Overall
  • Website Hosting – 50% OFF your First Term! – Promo code 9QG5EBPA2Z Limit 1 per Customer, 50 Overall
  • IRC Shell Solutions – 33% OFF for LIFE! – Promo code 8OTVU171YC Limit 1 per Customer, 50 Overall