Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce a IRC Bouncer Special for the remainder of January, 2021. Check out our IRC Bouncer Solutions, sign up for one of the four packages (or contact our pre-sales department if you need something customized), and apply promo code CCV59JHQVM to save 15% Off of any term for the life of the account. 

We utilize the ZNC IRC Bouncer Software Package to provide our customers with an IRX Bouncer, a web interface for management, and *status window support for management as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I've been banned from IRC. Now what?

    Any time you’re banned from an IRC Network, we like to know why.  If you’ve got a k-line message, please Open a Ticket and provide us with as much detail as possible.  Our Staff will contact the Network Administrators of the IRC Network to see what the reason for the ban is.  Please note: Clients who are banned for abusive behaviour will be handled as outlined in our Terms of Service.

  • How many connections can I have?

    Connections to the BNC (from your IRC client(s) are unlimited.  You can log in as many times as you want.  Connections from the BNC (to IRC Networks) are limited based on the account you sign up for.  For more information on our accounts check out our BNC Solutions page.

  • How do I set up my BNC?

    General configuration of your BNC is established by the System Administrators.  Once your account is established, you’ll be able to access your BNC Web-Based Administration at the URL listed in your Welcome E-mail.  You’ll need your username and password, so make sure to keep that e-mail handy.  Once logged in, you’ll be able to set up and configure your bind host (vhost), real name, nickname, server list, and modules.  Each module has a help-link avaialble if you have questions about them.  Additional assistance is available by Opening a Ticket via the Client Area.

  • Does my account include a shell login?

    BNC Solutions do not include Shell Access.  They do, however, include a web-based control panel along with the traditional IRC settings/configuration methods.

  • Do you support IPv6?

    We support IPv6 Connectivity on these accounts.

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