Virtual Hosting Company is offering a One Day Only sale on all IRC Shell Solutions.  Valid on May 7th, 2018, from 12:00 AM (Eastern Daylight Saving Time) going until 11:59 PM, you can sign up for our IRC Shell Solution using promo code 480XKUUGLB for a $2 first month term.  This special applies to all four IRC Shell Solutions.

  • IRC Shell I – 1 Process, 25 mb Storage – Regular price $3/month
  • IRC Shell II – 2 Processes, 50 mb Storage – Regular price $4.75/month
  • IRC Shell III – 5 Processes, 100 mb Storage – Regular price $8/month
  • IRC Shell IV – 8 Processes, 250 mb Storage – Regular price $12/month

Be sure to use the promo code 480XKUUGLB when signing up to take advantage of the first month for only $2*!

* Limit 1 Promotion per Client

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