Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce our VPN Solutions are now live!  We’re so excited, we’re even offering a discount!  VPN Solutions are designed to provide anonymous and secure browsing of the internet.  It does so by establishing a secure connection between your device (phone, tablet, computer, or router) and the VPN Server.  All traffic from your device is then routed through the VPN Server, allowing you to mask your location, identity, and browse anonymously on the web.  Take advantage of our Launch Week by using promo code ZTVY099GMQ to save 20{c1865eb9692bca813fa1a7d96cc006c1cc8fd3e9aae4f34fc000a4eefabf6133} Off for the first twelve months (on monthly billing).  Take a look at our VPN Solutions!

Our promo code is good through March 5th, 2017 OR for 25 uses, whichever comes first.  At the present time, all VPN hosts are US based; however, we will be expanding to EU based VPN connections in the future for those clients who would prefer have an EU IP address.


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