Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce our next ‘Adventure’… Over the past week, we’ve been hard at work preparing for some changes.  That hard work has paid off.  We’ve taken steps to commission a new server, dubbed ‘Adventure’.  In doing so, we’ve migrated all customer data from a retiring ‘Journey’ server.

Specs and Details

Dual Intel Xeon X5650 (6 Core, 12 Threads) @ 2.67 Ghz
500 GB SSD SATA III / 6 Gbps MLC Storage
2 TB SATA III / 3 Gpbs ATA Storage
Intel Gigabit Network Interface

The ‘Adventure’ server is running CentOS 7 (7.5.1804) with Plesk Onyx (17.8.11 Update 31), MySQL Server 5.7.24, and PHP (versions 7.2.12, 7.1.24, 7.0.32, 5.6.38).  Additionally, the system has various protection systems in place, including brute force protection, antivirus scanning, web application firewalls, and more.

Overall, we’re pleased with the performance of our new ‘Adventure’.

However, with the migration of the data from ‘Journey’, the time has come to prepare it for retirement.  We’re sad to see our ‘Journey’ end, but we’re excited about the ‘Adventure’ we’re on now.  And, as a way to show our appreciation, we’re offering 35{c1865eb9692bca813fa1a7d96cc006c1cc8fd3e9aae4f34fc000a4eefabf6133} Off of all new Website Hosting Solutions through the end of November.  Use promotion code JourneysEnd to take advantage of the promotion!

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