Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce a completed migration/update from our Yankee server to our Steady server.  The transition includes an update from CentOS 6.8 to CentOS 7.3, increased RAM, and increase Storage.  This upgrade was performed to increase the resources available to our customers, reduce load times on websites, and improve overall performance.

While the transition is complete today, our staff actually began working on this process in November 2016.  The overall process included upgrading core systems we utilize to operate with newer software than they were originally designed for.  Such processes include:

  • CentOS 7 with MySQL 5.7
  • SpamDyke Control Panel
  • CentOS Automatic Secondaries System*
  • SpamDyke with MySQL Logging

While these may seem like minor items, the time required to compile, debug, recompile, and bugfix was not.  The process began in November but was not a full priority at that time.  Over the past few weeks, each of the systems were tested, re-tested, and stress-tested to ensure that functions would work as designed.  We are highly pleased with the improvements made, and we look forward to upgrading other servers in the near future.

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