Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce that we’ve identified and corrected the issues we were experiencing with our Client Billing system.  The changes we’ve made have involved updates across the entire Virtual Hosting Company website, You may notice some new links, using a different URL to access the billing system.  This was required to get the system to work properly.

We’ve been using a system that is designed for integration into our core site.  Unfortunately, that system has been having ongoing issues with stability and operability.  We’ve had quite a few customers become frustrated with not being able to access their account.  As such, we’ve provided direct information for some of those clients to access the billing system, without the integration.  Unfortunately, the problems did not stop there.  We noticed, recently, that new orders were not able to process due to the same integration system.  Upon review, it was decided that the integration system was no longer viable, and an alternative system was implemented.  The new system, which is live now, has been tested and verified to work.  We’ve updated the links throughout the site, as well as the links in our automated billing e-mails, to allow our visitors to access their account with ease.

The one major change our clients will see the most is the new login URL for the Client Area.  Previous, the page was /clients/portal/.  Now, we’ve adjusted it to be /billing/.  The new page is fully operational from multiple browsers and multiple sources.  However, we ask that our clients take a moment to test the operation and let us know what they think.

Thank you,

John S Maloney Jr
Virtual Hosting Company

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