Virtual Hosting Company is pleased to announce the completed updates to our Core Website as well as our Billing System.  We’ve been hard at work for the past few months getting our new site ready.  We’ve redesigned, re-arranged, updated pricing, and more!  The new design is more responsive, easier to navigate, and a bit easier on the eyes.

Updated Pricing

In an effort to streamline many aspects of our business, we’ve updated pricing on some of our offerings.  These new pricing options are now live.  We’ve increased storage, bandwidth, and features, adjusted pricing, and improved overall flow.  We hope you like the new look.

Updated Billing System

Recently, WHMCS (our Billing Software) was updated from version 6.3.1 to Version 7.0.  The changes in the billing software are all on the backend, so it’s something our visitors never really see.  However, the improvements mean that we can provide you with faster, more advanced interactions with very little in the way of repetitive actions.  This means that we are able to do more for you with even more ease!

Visit the new site now and see what we’ve changed!  And keep your eyes open for promotions that may be coming soon!

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