Sprint XHG-U600 3G/4G (CDMA/WiMax) USB Modem

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The Sprint 3G/4G U600 is a premium wireless connection device offering costumers the ability to connect their laptop and desktop PCs to Sprint’s Mobile Broadband (3G) and 4G Network where available. The U600 goes beyond other wireless connections by offering hands-free activation via OMA-DM,auto-connect (NDIS) via Sprint SmartView, 3G and 4G data link capabilities, GPSfor Sprint location based services, and WiMax with improved upload performance.Featuring a rotating USB connector and a smaller, more portable size, the U600is the perfect wireless companion.Compatible with: Windows 7, Windows Vista, andWindows XP, MAC 10.5 and 10.6 with Intel platform.

Note: Sprint shut down the US WiMax Network in November 2015.  This modem will work on the 3G CDMA Network but is unable to access the 4G WiMax Network as it is no longer live.


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