Jul 31st Billing System Update, Website Updates, Upcoming Product Changes

Virtual Hosting Company is happy to announce the completed transition and update of our Billing System. In addition to our Billing System, we've been working hard for the past few weeks to improve the functionality of our entire site. We've also been working hard to update our available Solutions, and we're getting ready to roll those changes in ... Read More »

Apr 11th Spring Break Savings... 20% Off KVM VPS Solutions!

Virtual Hosting Company is offering a 20% Discount on all KVM VPS Solutions as part of a Spring Break Savings promotion! Sign up for a new KVM VPS Solution, including Reseller Solutions, and you'll get 20% Off of your first Term! This promotion is valid only on April 11th and 12th, 2015, and can only be used 10 times, so act now to take full ... Read More »

Apr 2nd April 2015 - OpenVZ Special

Virtual Hosting Companyhas officially launced our OpenVZ VPS Solutions. As part of our launch, we're offering an incredible deal for the first 25 packages! You can get our April Launch Special, which is a single core, 512mb of ram system (bursts to 1024mb of ram), 5gb storage, 1 IPv4 Address, and 10 IPv6 addresses, all with Reverse-DNS ... Read More »

Dec 30th A new Site is Coming, Changes to Policies

Virtual Hosting Company has been working hard to improve the way our site appears for our clients. In doing so, we've been working on updating our design, increasing the services we offer, and streamlining some of our processes. We've also, of course, updated some of the options available to clients, and we've got a refreshed system coming ... Read More »

Dec 13th OpenVZ VPS's

Virtual Hosting Company is happy to annoucne OpenVZ VPS's! As a Launch Day special, we're offering our 12-13-14 December Launch OpenVZ, available here, which features 5gb of storage, 512mb of ram, 1gb of swap, and 5gb of transfer per month! The special Launch Day rate of $14 for a half-year! Additional IPs are available upon request. Offered ... Read More »

May 5th Alpha and Xray IPv6 Connectivity...Coming Soon

Virtual Hosting Company takes great pleasure in announcing that IPv6 Connectivity is Coming Soon for our Alpha and Xray Servers.  This expansion will increase the available Virtual Hostnames and Interfaces we make available to our clientelle.  Additionally, this will expand the netwroking capabilities and infrastructure to increase ... Read More »

May 2nd IRC Provisioning System for WHMCS (Version 1.0)

Virtual Hosting Company is happy to announce the release of the IRC Provisioning System (IRCPS) for WHMCS Version 1.0.  IRCPS has been an ongoing project development over the course of the past six months, culminating in a fully functional automatic provisioning system for IRC and IRCd Shell Solutions Providers.  Version 1.0 has been ... Read More »

Apr 17th Domain Promotion (.com, .co, and more!)

Virtual Hosting Company has some amazing Promotions going on right now in regards to Domain Registrations.  We're running .COM's for $9.75, .CO's for $13, and we've got more promotions active right now!  Check out www.Virt-Host.Com/Promotions.html for a full list of our promotions!

Apr 9th OpenSSL Heart bleed Update

Virtual Hosting Company, along with many other hosting providers, have been scrambling to take corrective action for a recently reported OpenSSL HeartBleed Exploit (CVE-2014-0160).  In an effort to mitigate the potential for exploits, we've taken immediate steps to update packages and restart the primarily effected services that would have ... Read More »

Apr 2nd IRC Provisioning System 0.9 Beta

Virtual Hosting Company  is happy to announce the availability of the IRC Provisioning System 0.9 beta.  This is anticipated as our final 'beta' release.  Our changes in this release targetted Security Improvements and ease-of-administration.  See the Change Log below for more details.Changes IRC Provisioning ServerClient ... Read More »